Crushing screening equipment (5)

Do you have construction waste crushing equipment?

The main component of construction waste is solid waste, which is produced in building maintenance and dismounting. Most of construction waste without processing is sent to suburban or rural. It spends a large of land requisition fees and garbage fees because it is often stacked. At the same time, the dust produced in clean and stacking will cause pollution and bring harm to people.

Construction waste crushing equipment made in Kefid Machinery adopts advanced crushing and screening technology. When processing construction waste, the waste is crushed by this machine for primary crushing, and a closed circuit system consists of crusher and vibrating screen is built. In the whole production line, it takes low clearing expense, and this machine takes advantages of environmental protection, low noise and little dust.

Besides, the final products processed by construction waste crushing equipment can be used as recycled fine aggregate, medium aggregate, coarse aggregate, small standard brick, blind brick, porous wall brick, single row hole wall brick, maple leaf brick, hollow brick, semi-circular road curb, etc.

How to choose crushing machinery factory?

There are many crushing machinery factories in the worldwide, but how to choose a factory with advantages of reasonable price, high quality and good service? In fact, buying a good crusher is more important than the crushing process. Only quality crusher can take good effect in the production line, thus we can get more benefits. So choosing a quality crusher should be preferential.

Thousands of crushing machinery factories can be chose, including large scale industries and small industries. The larger market is, the more manufacturers are. And because there is not unified occupation standard, we can’t be sure the quality of equipment clearly, which makes the selection more difficult.

When buying crushers, most of customers will enter the company’s website by searching keywords, and then look through company profile, production workshop and equipment. They will meet the factory after detailed understanding. But now there are many frauds, Kefid Machinery reminds you that it’s well worth going to spot for investigation and shopping around. Knowing about the company strength, equipment quality, price and service, you will get satisfactory product.

What is the capacity of the silica stone jaw crusher?

Silica is widely used in metallurgy industry, chemistry industry, building materials industry and other fields. The raw silica ore need to be crushed and ground.

Jaw crusher is the first processing program-coarse crushing. PE600 × 900 jaw crusher is one of the standard models.

Jaw crusher as the primary crusher, is used for all kinds of rock ore crushing. It can process the ore with compressive strength of not more than 320MPa to medium size.

The basic parameters of PE600 × 900 jaw crusher:
Feeding size: ≤480mm
Output size: 65-160mm
Capacity: 90-180t / h
Motor power: 55-75kw
Weight: 17t

The capacity of silica stone jaw crusher is about 90-180t / h. Specific capacity needs to based on the stone hardness and output size.

Kefid Machinery can provide complete silica stone production line. More details, please contact our online customer services.

Which crusher can crush river stone?

River stone is a natural stone, with the properties of hard quality, good pressure resistance, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, is an ideal green building material.

River stone crushing usually requires jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine and other equipment. These devices are collocated into a production line, together to complete the crushing operation of the river stone.

Jaw crusher is used for river stone coarse crushing, it can crush the large pieces of river stone to medium size.

If you want to produce gravel of 1-2,1-3,2-4 such specifications, only jaw crusher is not enough. The gravel needs to feed into cone crusher and sand making machine for fine crushing and shaping to produce standard building sand.

Kefid Machinery can provide complete river stone production line and solutions. If you have any problem, please contact us!

How much does a construction waste stone crushing line cost?

A set of construction waste stone crushing line can be made of jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen and other auxiliary equipment.

In recent years, construction waste mobile crushing plant gradually get a lot of popularity. It does not need to install, production flexibility, has become the focus of attention. From the end of 2015, Kefid Machinery has built more than 10 sets of mobile crushing plant for processing construction waste in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, New Guinea, Philippines and other countries.

In the special environment of small construction waste site, the mobile crushing plant is flexible and convenient. Its small footprint, high efficiency, can achieve automated operation.

We will configure the appropriate production line and quote according to the site of materials, processing and capacity requirements. You can contact the online customer service and tell us some your detailed requirement.

Industrial coal pulverizing (5)+More

How to maintain coal powder grinding mill in winter?

Modern large boiler often burns coal powder. Raw coal coming from mining area will be processed into qualified coal powder by crusher and grinding mill. Only the raw coal crushed by crusher and ground by grinding mill can help to heating supply. And the maintenance of coal powder grinding mill is very important in winter.

When installing and dismantling coal powder grinding mill, it is important to keep certain clearance between parts and parts, in case the parts are damaged because of small clearance. The temperature of of each component will rise normally, but it can’t exceed 70℃. You should stop equipment running to eliminate the fault if the temperature is too high.

You should inspect the wearing parts such as grinding roller and grinding roll regularly. When changing the roll sleeve, you should clean roller bearing and bearing chamber thoroughly. Adding lubricating oil to main bearing of coal powder grinding mill once every four classes, and adding lubricating oil to blower bearing once a month in order to keep flexibility.

How many kinds of grinding and classification?

According to different purposes, grinding and classification can be divided into preliminary classification, inspection classification and controlling classification.

Preliminary classification: screen qualified powder out before materials go into grinding mill. And it is good to choose preliminary classification when the content of qualified materials is more than 15 percent.

Inspection classification: one of the most common classification method is inspection classification. It means screen unqualified powder out and send them to grinding mill for reprocessing. This method can process some returned sand, which improves grinding efficiency and relieve the phenomenon about excessive grinding effectively, so we can choose inspection classification when the content of qualified powder is less.

Controlling classification: it means do further classification for the materials which have classified during inspection classification. Only if the size requirement of final products is strict should we choose this method.

How dose pre-grinding technology take effect on grinding project?

Reducing input sizes of materials is main method to make capacity larger and energy consumption smaller, and it is pre-grinding technology. In fact, materials are previously sent to crusher whose capacity is larger than grinding plant, and this way can reduce input sizes below 5mm. By this pre-grinding technology, the capacity of grinding plant can be improved by 30%, and energy consumption is reduced by 15-20%, and granulometric composition is more reasonable.

Supporting measures about pre-grinding technology:

1.Equip vibrating screen or rotary screen, and check sizes of materials after crushing in the closed circuit. If the sizes are too large, they needn’t reprocessing until meeting the requirement.
2.When input sizes are reduced, sphere diameter of grinding body in first grinding chamber should also be reduced. Length of first grinding chamber should be reduced and advance the partition plate.
3.Improve wind speed and air volume of grinding plant.
4.Improve the capacity of accessory equipment and classifying efficiency, and reduce system cycle load rate.

What are the ways to maintain grinding plant?

There are some ways to maintain grinding plant as follow.

1.Operate machines according to instructions. Turn rolling distance up before starting plant and adjust it to appropriate value after materials enter machine.

2.It is important to observe the tightness of conveyor belt constantly because the power of grinding plant is large and it will change with rolling distance multiply

3.Clean sundries out before starting machines and check if the triangular belt and chains are tight. At the same time, check if the fastener is firm and lubrication is normal. For grinding plants with hydraulic systems or pressure system, you should also check the system in time in case breakdown.

4.Observation and smell can help you confirm if the belt slip or deviate its course, and the way to drip rosin and loosen the rolling distance can solve the problems. Besides, stop machine to check the belt if you hear some flap.

5.There are some problems can result in the fault of bearing, such as worn bearing or bushing, broken bearing and grinding roller installed incorrectly. The reason why the end of bearing swings is that rolling distance adjusting device’s elasticity is insufficient or grinding roller is unbalanced. If there is a phenomenon that bearing will throw oils, you should adjust tightness of bearing again and equip appropriate grommet in case grinding roller moves longitudinally.

6.Replace old grinding roller termly but don’t use a great many of grinding rollers with wire drawing at the same or the process will change rapidly.

7.Keep the Aided Suction Duct clear and clean the powder in piping in time.

8.Gradient gear, unbalanced grinding roller and driver, insufficient lubricant, incorrect tooth and abrasion all can result in large noise.

9.Materials should spread on the grinding roller evenly. If materials fed by vibrating feeder reduce or stop feeding, you should release grinding roller at once in case it will be damaged.

If you have any question, just contact us!

What are the differences between vertical mill and ball mill?

The differences between vertical mill and ball mill are as follow.

1.High processing efficiency. Vertical Mill adopts the principle of milling in material bed, and its energy consumption is 30 percent lower than ball mill’s.

2.Simple process and low infrastructure investment. Vertical Mill with separator transports materials by adopting hot gas. Because the dust produced by milling enters powder collector directly, Vertical Mill without classifier and elevator takes advantages of simple technologies, low failure rate, high efficiency and compact layout. The building area of Vertical Mill is just 70 percent of Ball Mill’s, and the building space is 50-60 percent of Ball Mill’s.

3.Large drying capacity. Vertical Mill transports materials by adopting hot gas, so it can make the moisture content of final products suitable when milling the materials with large moisture content. In addition, Vertical Mill can dry the materials whose moisture content is around 12-15 percent, but the drying ball mill just can dry the materials with 3-4 percent of moisture content.

4.Less abrasion. Vertical Mill takes advantages of less abrasion because there is no contact between metals when it works. When processing limestone, there are a few abrasions with 4-6 grams per ton but the ball mill’s are 500 grams per ton.

5.Low noise and little dust. Grinding roller doesn’t contact with millstone when Vertical Mill works, so the noise is lower 20-25 decibels than ball mill’s. And the sound with 80 decibels is soft when equipment works. Moreover, there is a clean surrounding and little dust because Vertical Mill with hermetic structure is operated under negative pressure.

6.Well-distributed final products. The final products meeting requirements can be separated from the equipment in time which can avoid milling overly but it is easy for ball mill to mill overly.

Vertical Mill made by Kefid Machinery takes advantages of large capacity, less abrasion and low noise. If you want to know more details about it or there are other questions, just contact us right now.

Sand making machine (5)

What is the function of your sand washing machine?

Sand washing machine made in Kefid Machinery can be used to wash, classify and remove impurity in metallurgy, construction and hydropower, etc. industries. This machine is suitable for washing fine or coarse materials, and it can be used for building sand, road construction sand particularly. Besides, it can be also used in construction field, sand industry, hydropower station, concrete dam and pole factory. It can be used to wash classify and dehydrate the stones or quartz sand.

What's more, besides sand washing machine, sand making machine, sand washing machine, vibrating feeder, vibrating screen and crusher are necessary products in production line.

Can limestone be processed to sand aggregate?

a common mineral consisting of crystallized calcium carbonate; a major constituent of limestone. Limestone is widely used for building materials, industrial raw materials, is also the high-quality sand aggregate raw materials.

Limestone Mohs hardness of 3, belonging to the low hardness of the material, can use the configuration of "jaw crusher+impact crusher+sand making machine".

Jaw crusher is used for coarse crushing of limestone. Large pieces of limestone is crushed to medium size by it. The output size of jaw crusher is generally 10-30 cm.

Impact crusher is used for fine crushing of limestone. It can make the material to be further broken. After process by impact crusher, can get the crushed stone with the specifications of 0.5,1-2,1-3,2-4,3-8.

Then, we can use the sand making machine to shape the crushed stone. The final product of 1-5mm mechanism sand can be used in concrete mixing station, dry mortar, building, paving and other projects instead of natural sand.

This is the limestone aggregate production process. In addition to the host, also need vibration feeder, vibrating screen, sand washing machine and other ancillary equipment. Kefid Machinery can provide a complete set of limestone process design and solutions. If you need, feel free to contact with us.

How much does it cost to invest in a sand factory? What equipment need to buy?

From the outlook of aggregate demand, undoubtedly, investing in a sand factory is profitable project. The major expenditure are the cost of certificates, venues, manual labor, equipment, as well as the raw materials and so on.

The main equipment involved in investing a sand factory include vibrating feeder, belt conveyor, jaw crusher, impact crusher or cone crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, etc.. The configuration of production line will vary according to the nature of different materials.

Take granite for instance, it’s hard to crush, so we will configure HPT cone crusher, which is specialized in crushing high hardness material.

We will design the proper production line according to customers' material and specific requirement. You can contact our 24-hours online service, there will be professional engineers design production line for you, and according to their configuration, they will provide you an accurate quote.

Is there the machine which can process stone into sand?

Processing the stone into sand, you need to use professional sand making machine, it can crush and shape the stone, to make sand.

Kefid Machinery produced the VSI series sand making machine, VSI series sand making machine and VU gravel aggregate system, they all can meet the production requirements of processing stone into sand. They can use river gravel, pebbles, granite, limestone and tailings, waste, construction waste as raw materials, environmentally friendly and regulated dry process, to produce the quality sand.

In terms of the sand grain shape, Kefid Machinery sand making system can produce 1-5mm sand and a certain percentage sand powder which can enhance concrete cohesion.

If you want to know more about the sand making equipment, please click the online customer service to contact. We will give you a professional configuration and quotation.

I want to invest in processing quartz sand, which machine is the best?
Quartz sand production processes generally use impact crusher or jaw crusher consisting of multi-stage crushing and screening line, and then grinded into appropriate degree by grinding mill. Kefid provide professional jaw crusher,impact crusher,grinding mill for quartz ore crushing and milling application.Please advise your detailed requirement for further information.

Mobile crushing station (5)

What is the features of k series mobile crushing&screening plant?

K SERIES MOBILE CRUSHING & SCREENING PLANT is researched to meet customers’ demand on high quality and high output, and it is widely used in almost every field in ore,construction, recycling, etc. No matter coarse and medium crushing or fine crushing and superfine crushing and screening, K Series Mobile Crushing & Screening Plant can finish such missions brilliantly.

1.Work normally within -35°C to 40°C
2.Equipped with generator systems
3.Moving flexible
4.Shorter transportation time and lower installation cost
5.Versatile body combining alternative equipment, meet customers personalized needs.

Compared with fixed crushing line of equal power or old mobile plant, K Series Mobile Crushing & Screening Plant is of more reliable performance stability, more complete function and higher practicability. As an integral equipment, its ability of crushing and screening has achieved into a much higher level.

How about the mobile crushing plant of Kefid Machinery?

Kefid Machinery mobile crushing plant including 7 large modules 72 models. It can be applied almost all in the field of ore, construction, recycling and other fields.

Tire type mobile crushing plant and crawler type mobile crushing plant can meet a lot of difficult mountainous areas, mountain roads, hills and other production conditions. Tire type mobile crushing plant can be used for construction waste collection, transportation, recycling of resources.

Mobile crusher plant processing materials are also gradually expanding, from construction waste to the mountain stone, river stone and others.

Kefid Machinery provide pre-sale program selection, equipment configuration, technical guidance and after-sales equipment maintenance and other services. As our company has a variety of types of mobile crushing plant, different types have different equipment configurations and production capacities, the price will be different.

If you want to know the actual production program and customer production site, you can click on the online customer service for consultation.

Which is better for 80-100TPH stone crusher in Colombia, the mobile crusher or the fixed crusher?

Compared with the fixed crusher, the mobile crushing plant has reasonable matching with all crushing equipment levels. It has the features of unobstructed discharge line, reliable, easy to operate and energy efficient. Especially the good mobility, it can extend with the raw material, and can be a variety of combinations to meet different product requirements. The equipment is flexible and mobile, it can crush the material on site and with the raw material mining advancing to move, which significantly reduce the transport costs of materials.

Kefid Machinery provide you a set of mobile stone crusher line, it include 600*900 jaw crusher, impact crusher PF1210 and screen 3YZS1848. Believe that it is your most appropriate choice!

What’s the price of your mobile crusher?
The mobile crusher developed and researched by Kefid Machinery is a new type mining crusher with feeding, crushing and conveying together. We can also design the primary crushing, secondary crushing, tertiary crushing and combine them with each other flexibly according to your requirement. It has advanced design, high efficiency, low cost, reliable quality, and stable performance. You can contact our online service to know more about the mobile crusher, and our professional sales manager will provide you the proper equipment and the quotation.
How much is the mobile crushing station for granite with capacity of 600-800 tons per hour?

The configuration of mobile crushing station for granite with capacity of 600-800t/h are:

(1) jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine

(2) vibrating feeder, belt conveyor

(3) vibrating screen

According to different requirements, the mobile crushing station not only can run independently, but also can be a combination of coarse crushing, fine crushing two-stage system and coarse,medium,fine crushing three stage system, or combined into other systems according to the site situation.

More mobile crushing station related detail and quotation, please contact our online service, or call our hotline, our professionals will give you a detailed explanation.


Wherever you are, domestically or abroad, you can contact us at any time because Kefid has established an online consultation service team consisting of more than 100 persons who provide 365 days×24 hours services for customers.

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